ACADEMY – Storioni Prize

2017 // Storioni Prize

The Storioni International Chamber Music Festival organizes in 2017 the seventh edition of the Storioni Toonzaal Competition, which gives ensembles the opportunity to present themselves during the Storioni Festival 2017. This year, for the fifth time, a separate Finale evening will be organized during the festival, and the winner will also perform during one of the other festival concerts. The finale of the Storioni Toonzaal Competition is on Wednesday 18 January 2017.
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2017 // Max Young Talent Prize
Broadcaster Omroep MAX highly values supporting young talent and is happy to contribute to their development on their way to the top. In addition to the Storioni Toonzaal Prize, the winning ensemble of the Ensemble Competition will be awarded the MAX Young Talent Prize.

Winner 2016
Winner of the Storioni Toonzaal Prize 2016 is Ebonit Saxophone Quartet!