Storioni Night
SATURDAY JAN 28 Storioni Night Muziekgebouw Eindhoven | DLL main hall | 19:30 | € 32,50

Anniversary party with all festival musicians & highlights from 10 years of festival!

Including Storioni Trio, Badri Chikhiashvili vocals, Gedevan Jintcharadze vocals, Giorgi Manoshvili vocals, Carolina Eyck theremin, Thomas Bloch glass harmonica, Philippe Bernold flute, Tamar Inbar oboe, Bernardo Alcala Tello clarinet, Alejandro Peitado Brea clarinet, Arno Piters clarinet, Bram van Sambeek bassoon, Alain de Rudder trumpet, Hervé Joulain horn, Razvan Popovici violin, Isang Enders cello, Monika Leskovar cello, Gunars Upatnieks double bas, Diana Ketler piano, The Smartphone Orchestra (Eric Magnée composition and sounddesign, Steye Hallema composition & regie, Hidde de Jong creative technologist, Adrien Jeanjean creative technologist, Marike Nooren creative producer) & the audience.

Sibelius – Rain drops
Mozart – Adagio & rondo for glass harmonica, flute, oboe, violin and cello
Martinu – La revue de cuisine
Gabunia – Fable
Schubert – Forellen quintet
Schumann – Andante con variazione
Martinu – Phantasy for theremin, oboe, piano
& string quartet
Marinissen / The Smartphone Orchestra – Nuages for piano trio and smartphone orchestra

Ten years of Storioni Festival! During the grandest event, the ‘Night’, you naturally have to celebrate this. With highlights from the past few years. Such as the joyful Schubert’s Trout Quintet. With the Fable of Gabunia, an already proven success. There will be many interesting guests at this party. Such as the jazz ballet La revue de cuisine Martinu. Also special guests make their appearance… The glass harmonica, a favourite of Mozart. Plus the theremin, the first successful electronic instrument, invented in 1920, and best known for the title music of the series Midsummer Murders…